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$200 off follow-up treatments




$200 off follow-up treatments


$200 off follow-up treatments


$200 off follow-up treatments


$200 off follow-up treatments

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Cryolipolysis - Permanent Fat Removal

This Australian brand of Cryolipolysis is a form of body sculpting


This technique works best on body areas that you are actively working on with diet & exercise


Our treatment therapist will  advise you on a schedule to suit your goals


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Yes it does work - it's medically proven

CoolSlimming by FBA

Once you have reached adulthood, you have a finite number of fat cells - they can get bigger or smaller, but once destroyed, they are not replaced


Cryolipolysis, known as 'fat freezing', is a method of permanently removing fat by using very low temperatures to freeze the cells. This damages the cell structure, effectively destroying them. Your body will eliminate them over the next few months

This FBA treatment is conducted by a certified Cryolipolysis Therapist, using TGA approved, medical grade equipment

3 months for the effects to be
evident - so getting "Summer Ready" starts now!

This treatment removes the fat cells - they can not return
This is a body shaping treatment - not a weight loss treatment
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Full Body Aesthetics CoolSlimming
Who would this suit?


  • over 18 years of age

  • with pockets of unwanted fatty tissue

  • Professional and amateur Body Sculptors

What should I expect?
  • Once you have made an appointment you will receive an email from our FBA team, containing pre-appointment instructions and advice 

  • At the appointment you will have a consultation with our Treatment Therapist, who will map your treatment area and commence with Cryolipolysis

  • Directly after the treatment you will complete a short program on our vibration plate

  • As you leave, you will receive a post treatment patient care card and a complimentary bottle of alkaline water to assist with cleaning your system

When will I see results

You will see results progressively over the next 3 months. The average treatment area requires 3 treatments, while those with less fatty tissue will only require 1 or 2

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Suitable for both men and women