FBA Specialist Treatment Plans


Excessive male chest fatty tissue (males)

Diastasis Recti

Post pregnancy pouch
(mummy tummy) 


Love handles
Obliques area

Body Sculpting
fatty tissue fine-tuning

Double Chin
Genetics - it is treatable!

Upper limbs
Inside or outer thighs & upper arms

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Specialist Treatment Plans 

Full Body Aesthetic (FBA) treatment plans incorporate and combination of Cryolipolysis for the reduction of fatty tissue and HIFU to tighten skin in the same area 


We are in partnership with reputable gyms such as Fitness Plus, who provide special deals to our clients, and a trusted nutritionist that can assist with health and nutrition

A treatment plan is a body project. FBA will  always advise you with the most cost-effective option to assist you in obtaining your goals

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